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About us

Home delivery of groceries has never been so fast, reliable, and convenient! Delivery Peak is a team of professionals now also serving Venezuela, Uruguay, Australia, and Turkey, in addition to providing groceries and household goods in Peru.

In today’s fast-paced world, especially in big cities, there’s little time for household chores like cleaning, cooking, and shopping. Despite the convenience of supermarkets, maintaining a healthy diet remains a challenge for many. That’s where we come in, offering a solution to ease your busy day with our delivery service.

Our mission extends beyond Peru, reaching out to loved ones in Venezuela, Uruguay, Australia, and Turkey as well. Order a delivery to show your care, no matter the distance.

To us, a client is first and foremost a friend, ensuring you receive only the best products with every order.

QUALITY is a priority.

As a result, if you order from us, you will get:

1. Tangible energy savings. When you visit a store, even if you don't do it every day, your shopping cart carries a lot of weight. In the supermarket, of course, you can use the trolley, but you will have to carry all this cargo on your own to your home. True, you can use the courier service of the store. But not every outlet has it, and it works, you see, not too zealously.

2. Huge range of food products. Not all people live in the central areas of the city, abundantly saturated with a variety of retail outlets. Many live on the outskirts of the city - in new buildings or holiday villages, where the infrastructure is not yet developed. We’re providing the best assortment so you don’t have to stay without your favorite food or some specific goods.

3. Saving money. Products ordered in the online store are much cheaper than in the store, and even more so in the market. This is due to the fact that the company providing the delivery service does not have warehouses, and, therefore, it does not have to pay high rents. One’s costs are reduced only to the salary of the courier and transport. In addition, one works with the manufacturer without intermediaries - directly.

4. Sometimes you really want to please yourself and your dear ones with something unusual and tasty. You’re trying to cook an exotic dish, but the ingredients are rare at your area and hard to find. And in this case, Delivery Peak will come to the rescue. All your cooking experiments will go well with our little help!

Contact us and experience all the advantages of home groceries delivery! 

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